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Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you'll ever make. Although the process is very exciting, it quickly becomes overwhelming. While the home you have selected may appear to be just what you are looking for, how can you be sure there aren't potentially serious unknown defects which can make your investment in your future a costly one. Having your new home professionally inspected by our company as early as possible in the buying process can save you thousands of dollars on items which you may be able to have the seller or builder correct. Allow me to help you with your home in Columbus, Ohio.

Home inspections are not usually required and they do pose an extra expense. But it's not a corner that should be cut. Otherwise, there is a risk moving into a home that can have potentially serious issues that may cause huge headaches and may create a financial drain in the long run.

Spell It Out. Make sure the purchase offer includes a detailed statement of your right to a home inspection. If the inspection reveals more issues than you're willing to deal with, you may be able to back out of the deal, especially if a contingency is built into the agreement. Get It in Writing It's possible that the seller may not make all the repairs you'd like them to make. So before you sign the papers at closing time, make sure that everything is spelled out in written form. It should be clear what each party's responsibility is beforehand.

If there are problems, a professional inspector can tell you which problems are small and which ones might be cause for concern. They may also know little tricks to making quick fixes to the less important problems.

Should I attend the home inspection? It is not necessary for you to be present for the inspection, but it is recommended. You will be able to observe the inspector and ask questions directly, as you learn about the condition of the home, how it's systems work and how to maintain it. You will also find the written report easier to understand if you've seen the property first-hand through the inspector's eyes.

Click Here To View A Sample PDF Written Report And Click Here To View A  Sample PDF Picture Report.

THERMAL IMAGING - Infrared Scanning
The World's Most Advanced Home Inspections

Our inspectors are trained and certified by HomeSafe to combine a traditional inspections with INFRARED technology. Certified SIRI ADVANCED #ADV246. Specialist - Infrared Residential Inspector.  Including and exceeding the Level 1 Thermography standards. #246.  For added accuracy, our inspector combines the visual and infrared scan of the house's major systems including electrical, structural, roofing, plumbing, heating/cooling, ventilation, exterior/interior and insulation.

Not all inspectors are using Infrared Thermal Scanning, yet what we find using this technolgy can help save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per year by identifying moisture, insulation and electrical issues before they pose a bigger risk to your structure and your wallet.

  What is Thermal Image Scanning?

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to detect very small differences in temperature. Every material has a unique thermal signature and when moisture, heat, cold, or wood destroying insects are introduced into the structure the thermal signature changes. The changes can be subtle or dramatic but with this incredible thermal image scanning technology the thermal signatures are detectable where they wouldn't be able to be seen with the naked eye.

Thermal image scanning technology is now being used to evaluate residential and commercial structures. As a non-invasive testing tool it can quickly help discern where there are suspected issues. This can help to limit the areas where time consuming further evaluation and destructive discovery is needed.


Patch Independent Home Inspections does not claim to be a specialist in mold or fungal identification. Nor do we engage in any form of mold or fungal remediation or clean up.

We can, at the client's request, take a sample of a visible mold or fungus, via swab or air sample collection to send to an EPA approved laboratory for identification and recommendations for appropriate action. Remediation specialists are recommended if certain types or significant amounts of mold are present, particularly if the client or occupants have severe allergy problems or compromised immune systems.

Mold requires moisture and an organic food source to survive. During the home inspection we attempt to identify the source and level of moisture activity that may be causing fungal growth.

During the indoor air assessment, we will conduct a comprehensive study of your home that meets the highest standards of the industry.  The Standards of Practice established by the IAC2.


Patch Independent Home Inspections can check your home for the damage created due to seasonal weather or just issues requiring normal maintenance. Rain, wind and heavy snow can do severe damage in just a few months. When damage occurs and the repairs are not made the cost will continue to climb and other damage may occur. We suggest a yearly inspection to help you identify the damage to your home so that you can make the repairs before the next season. One missing roof shingle can create wood damage and damage inside your home. Why take the chance!


More and more home sellers are opting having their house inspected before a buyer comes along. Pre-Inspections (seller inspections) are gaining great momentum in the real estate markets.  While professional home inspections are not a new concept, the idea to have an inspection done at listing is beginning to gain acceptance. After all, why wait until there is a real estate contract on the line to find out if there are any significant defects in the home? Seller disclosure requirements are also causing sellers to take proactive measures to protect themselves during the sales process. Today`s seller wants to close their deal knowing they made a full disclosure of the condition of the home sold.

The legal implications of seller disclosure requirements often put sellers in a difficult position.  If a condition is found after a home has sold and was not disclosed, sellers may be asked to prove they were unaware of the problem. By having your home Pre-Inspected, you have documentation to supplement your Seller Disclosure form regarding what you did, and did not  know aboth the condition of your home. Patch Independent Home Inspections OFFERS to the seller, inspections that can be paid at closing*. Contact your Agent or Patch IHI to set up the inspection for your listing today. *At closing or when the contract is cancelled with the agent - whatever comes first.

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Testimonials for home inspections in Central and Columbus Ohio.

As a Realtor I am delighted to recommend Rick as a home inspector to any of my clients including my son!  Totally professional and detailed.  

PW- Columbus Ohio


During our inspection Rick taught us many valuable lessons about general upkeep and home maintenance. His reports were easy to read and we were easily able to show the seller documentation of issues needing to be resolved prior to our purchase in central Ohio.  We recommend Rick as a home inspector to anyone buying their first home!

AP - Dublin Ohio


As a first time home buyer moving into Central Ohio, I was very unsure of what a home inspections would entail, Rick went above and beyond, providing a detailed binder full of color pictures and thorough narrative.  I fell comfortable recommending him for home inspections to anyone!

KA - Columbus Ohio


Rick did a very thorough home inspection on an investment property. His detailed report with photos made it very easy to refer to with the seller for repairs. I highly recommend Patch Independent Home Inspections to anyone considering any type of property.

RF - Columbus and Central Ohio


We contacted Rick to investigate cold air and high energy costs in our condo.  He scanned the condo with a thermal image infrared camera and found issues in the walls.  After further investigation he found multiple issues and provided valuable information about furnace and duct operation and the probably reason for air infiltration into the walls. The insulation was thin in the attic and no insulation on the access panel.

AR - Columbus Ohio (Galloway)


Rick provide home inspections on 2 properties for me in Columbus.  He is very thorough with his inspections and the detailed pictures made it easy to request the repairs.  He gladly returned to reinspect the repairs at no additional charge.  Great service!

EL - Dublin Ohio and Columbus Ohio